Lindsay is:

Lindsay Fischer, Complicated Mommies

  • a b/g twin, IVF momma to 17 month old chunky, blonde comedians
  • a work from home entrepreneur and full time SAHM
  • a therapy junkie, a self-care and self-compassion student, a work in progress (always), and I am only a good mom when I’m also pouring into myself
  • full of mixed feelings about calling herself a mom blogger, and has even more big feelings about other people who call themselves mom bloggers but wants to try it anyway
  • A two time best-selling author and public speaker, the founder of InfertileAF Summit
  • An after-trauma thriver, being both a domestic violence survivor and InfertileAF


Kathryn is:

  • the mother of FOUR (4!!!!!) little girls, ranging in age from 8 to 1 year, including twins
  • a domestic violence and suicide survivor
  • living with depression and anxiety and navigating that while raising Kathryn DeHoyos, Complicated Mommiesfierce little warriors
  • a mental health and domestic violence advocate
  • feminist AF – if it’s not intersectional, it’s not feminism and I’m not here for it.
  • a work from home entrepreneur and full-time SAHM who was vehemently opposed to being labeled a “mommypreneur” for years, but has come to realize that life is all about creating harmony in the places where the different pieces of her life intersect


Who were you before you had kids?

Do you remember?

Is she still there?

Do you feel like you’ve lost her to the overwhelming title of “MOM” that we all get labeled with as soon as we give birth?

Don’t worry, girl. It happens to all of us.

But the truth is, we were all people, women, with lives and dreams and experiences long before we ever had children.

This doesn’t mean that the identity of “mom” isn’t one to be cherished and celebrated! So many of us had to fight hard to get our littles. And being a mom is a wonderful and life-changing experience.

But what about all the other pieces that make you, YOU?

What about all the experiences and identities that so many seem to just brush aside or forget once you bring your tiny human(s) into the world?

Finding the balance between being yourself and being a mom can be complicated, we know first hand.

That’s what we talk about here: the good, the bad, and the undeniably confusing.

We are Complicated Mommies. Building a community of Complicated Mommies.

We’d love for you to join us!

Together, we believe in the power of transparency. We know we are better when we work together and help one another, and that even includes when we disagree on something. The thing is, nobody has all of life figured out, and anyone who tells you they do is a big-fat liar. We find healing and hope by sharing our best and worst days.

We promise nothing is off topic and we won’t get too preachy. We also won’t try to sell you shit we don’t actually use and love, and NEITHER of us claim fashion as a gift. There are plenty of other mom bloggers around, but we feel very strongly our niche is expansion: you are bigger than your eye cream, your ability to write lesson plans, and your date night outfits.

You are a mom, yes, but you are so much more.

And if that resonates with you, you might be a complicated mommy, too.


– Lindsay & Kathryn <3